“Business, after all, is nothing more than a bunch of human relationships.”
 –Lee Iacocca

Imagine, for a moment, the way technology enhances business today. Although they are supposed to create a better way of doing things, new technologies often breed confusion. Now, imagine a company that brings clarity to today’s business chaos; a company that believes creative solutions arise from a solid understanding of each client’s needs and goals; a company that builds efficient, cost-effective technology solutions by getting to know their customers.

Cogent’s senior consultants have more than fifteen years of experience in a variety of industries and disciplines, including information technology, financial services, manufacturing, insurance, marketing communication, public relations, and agriculture. We have been involved in the documentation and implementation of many technology solutions, including content management systems, online help and learning tools, interactive document libraries, personnel management software, and financial systems.

Long-term relationships result from a clear understanding of our clients’ business as if it was our own and delivering quality products that both meet and exceed needs and expectations. We develop a broad range of effective media solutions that incorporate your needs, philosophy, and resources, rather than forcing your requirements into a pre-packaged solution.

With our wide ranging experience and our ability to make complex content more accessible, we feel confident in crafting and delivering quality product that effectively meet the needs of your projects. Our products will adapt, evolve, and grow with your information and communication needs.

Cogent, LLC has been providing communication and technology solutions since 2005. Cogent evolved out of a prior company, Innovative Media Resources, Inc. which was founded in 1996. The principal owners of both companies have been in the communication and information services industry since 1994.